About molton24


From the Internet trade...
The comapny D & M Handel was founded in 2005 by us, Dragana and Marko Vasiljevic. We started with selling fabrics such as molton, muslin and different stage and theatre fabrics in the web. We sold B1 fabrics as one of the first on diverse portals and on our homepage www.molton24.de. Our focus on the internet trade still has an important role. That is why we constantly develop our website according to our customer needs .

... to the wholesale for stage and theatre requirements ...
Over time and with some movings we changed and widen our core business to the wholesale for stage and theatre requirements with a variety of hardly inflammable textiles and floor coverings. Moreover we specialized on the film sector and its desires. Due to the opening up of new market segments and the extension to the wholesale, it was also important to us to expand the project leadership and the customer support. Our team of competent employees is therefore available at any time via telephone or email.

... with an own sewing and production atelier ...
A new foundation was build with the opening of our own sewing atelier. The demand for our products is constantly growing. Nowadays, we work with cutters, decorators and tailors with many years of experience in our workshop in Berlin. They are able to manufacture according to your wishes under the best technical and professional conditions. Our day-to-day business includes for instances backdrops, theatre curtains, acoustic curtains, stage or photo backgrounds. The film sector discovered quickly our capabilities too and challenged us with special products according to its needs. This combined with the rising challenges and the variety of  conversations with people who daily deal with the equipment is something we wanted more. The goal is to upgrated existing solutions and redesign them. That way we developed our production of  Floppy, Cutter & Flags with an own metal frame production and high quality covering. Furthermore, we also manufacture sandbags, different bags and coverings for lighting purposes.

... and Store in the heart of Berlin.
Besides the workshop and the large stock, we have a store with around 500m² in which you buy directly and immediately most of our products. Our showroom gives you the oppurtunity to feel and see the products. Quick manufactures can be done in no time dricetly on the spot in our sewing atelier.