Acousticblackout 1500g/m² red eyelets 1,9m width

  • ABO1500GMKRÖ1.9X1.5
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1,5 metres


Your Product
1,5 metres

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Acousticblackout 1500g/m²  eyelets 1,9m width   Unique at the market!... more
Product information "Acousticblackout 1500g/m² red eyelets 1,9m width"
Acousticblackout 1500g/m²  eyelets 1,9m width
Unique at the market!
The Acousticblackout has sound-absorbing qualities and is therefore used for improving the room acoustic.
The three-layer curtain is commonly used for home theatres and studios but also for doors and stairways
to retain unwelcomed noises.
We offer the coice between eyelets or stage and to attach the curtain.
  • 4 layers
  • 100% opaque
  • hardly inflammable in accordance with DIN 4102 B1
  • Certificate on request
  • not washable
  •  Top:       strenghtened Linen Webbing with 40mm eyelets approx. every 20 cm
  • Sides:    Slim hemmed
  • Bottom:  open (edges slim hemmed)
  The measures are approximate data less the usage for the manufacture.
  The curtains are madeto measure and cannot be exchanged.
  • 2 layers Acoustic molton with foil 450g/m²
  • 2 layers stage molton 300g/m²
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