Frequently Asked Questions

You find here answers to frequently asked questions about our sortiment, services, the molton24 store and more.

Does molton24 have a store and how can I visit it?

We would love to see you in our showroom in 12099 Berlin! You can find us in the Ringbahnstraße 10-14 directly in the south from the Tempelhofer Feld and near to the A100 (Exit Tempelhof). We are opend Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.You can get our complete offer and support for your projects in our store with integrated workshop.


What is Molton?

Molton is a woven fabric and is made of 100 per cent cotton. The production varies depending on the area of application. The classic molton (300g/m²) forms through a tight twill weave so that the fabric is robust. However, deco molton (160g/m²) is manufactured in a plain weave whereby the fabric has a good strength and air permeability. The double-sided buffed surface of molton absorbs sound and light.  The effectiveness of the sound absorption depends on the grammage of molton. The bigger the grammage the better the sound absorption coefficient. It enables a good acoustic and sound reproduction on stage. Furthermore, it also has a rough surface quality that absorbs light. This is important espacially for stages and photography so that there is as little as possible unintended light reflexion. 


Is Molton lightproof or opaque?

All molton fabrics are opaque but none of the qualities is a 100% lightproof. The light transmission depends on the weave density (heavier qualities are more lightproof) and the colour (darker colours absorb more light, brighter colours reflect light form the environment).


What are the fibres our molton is made off and what are differences?

Molton24 offers a selection of three different fibres and fibre combinations:
- The classic molton is made of 100% cotton - we offer a large variety of colour and qualities.
- The synthetic alternative from 100% Trevira CS® - available in black and white. This fibre has a higher price because it has the hardly inflammablity ingrated in the fibres. Therefore is this quality washable and permanent flame resistant.  
- The new combination of 16% viscose and 84% cotton has the special charateristic that it is heavier and has shiny surface. This quality is available in black.


What does "hardly inflammable in accordance with B1" mean?

Flame resistance describes the characteristic of a burning fabric to put the flame out on its own immediatly after erasing the fire source. Materials with this characteristic are marked as  "hardly inflammable" or  "self-extinguishing". Europe is working on a harmonisation for the different country regulations. Germany uses the DIN 4102 regulation for marking the fire behaviour of building materials. They have two main classifications:  non-flammable building materials in category A and flammable building materials in category B. Category B is divided in three groups: B3 easily inflammable, B2 normally inflammable and B1 hardly inflammable. The usage of fabrics and textiles for public buildings and events in Germany need the proof of hard inflammability. Therefore are our fabrics and materials already flame resistant equipped. 


How does the flame protection occur?

There are different possibilities and instruments to secure a fabric from flames. It depends on the type of fabric. 

Additive flame retardants: The flame retardant is worked in the inflammable fabrics as an additive. 
Reactive flame retardants: The retardant is an element of the fabric.
Coating: The flame retardant is an external coat.

Our fabric made of the polyester fibre Trevira CS® has the flame protection included in the fibre and is therefore washable and permanent. Our cotton fabrics have an impegnation. The used flame retardant is not brominated, is environmentally neutral and has no toxic additives. The fabrics have no allergens or different harmful substances. Nevertheless, it is possible to get skin irritations with individual sensitivity. We ask you therefore to be attentive by using flame resistant materials. 


Is Molton washable?

The washability of molton depends on the characteristics of the fibres. Cotton shrinks under the influence of wetness and heat. It therefore changes the dimensions when washed. In addition, the flame retardant on the cotton is not washable and needs to be renewed after the washing. The fabrics does not loose the impregnation if it gets dry cleaned but it still shrinks.

Trevira CS is washable and keeps the dimensions and the flame retardant.

Viscose is comparable with cotton.


What are recommendations for storage and care?

We recommend for all long-term storages a dry and temperature-resistant place. Fluctuation between very hot and very cold room temperatures can cause the shrinking of the fibres (cotton and viscose). Furthermore it can also damage the strength and capacity of the material. Moisture can additionally cause the fabric to mold. Therefore we recommend to storage the fabric in a waterproof bag.


What does "manufacture" mean and what does molton24 offer?

The manufacture in the textile production includes every form of partition, length division or determination of specific dimensions and processing operations. We have an own sewing workshop which is directly connected to our showroom. Therefore we are able to give you support for your project and directly manufacture. We do cuttings, hemmings, strengthen the edges with linen webbing and eyed the fabric. Moreover we enable the planning and the implementation of special project. Therefore our priority lies in a quick realisation of your manufacture wishes.


Can I order fabric or colour samples?

We gladly send you samples in the dimension of 5 x 5cm of the fabrics you wish to test. The shipping for that is free. You can order these sample via telephone and get support with your choice.  Feel free to call our service hotline: 030-75764090, from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.


What can I rent and which advantages come with that?

We lend a selection of technical curtains as backgrounds for photo and film sets or as room elements in the standard size 6 x 3m and in the colours white, black, bluebox and greenbox.  There is also a selection between eyed or hemmed edges for different mounting options. These products are immediatly available. The rental is idealy if it is needed for a single use and not a long-term purchase. Moreover with the rental you do not have the storage effort. You can easily give them back after the usage. 

Furthermore we offer a sortiment on accessories for studios and sets to rent.