About molton24

From online trading...

The company D & M Handel was founded in 2005 by us, Dragana and Marko Vasiljevic.
We started with the trade of fabrics such as molton, nettle and other stage and
theater textiles on the Internet. We were one of the first to offer B1 fabrics on various
portals and on the www.molton24.de homepage. The Internet still plays a major role for us today at
, which is why the website
is constantly being expanded for you.

... to the wholesale trade for stage and theater supplies ...

With time and several relocations, our core business changed and expanded and
we became a wholesaler for stage and theater supplies with a variety of
flame-retardant textiles and floor coverings. We also
specialized in the film sector and its needs. Due to the development of the new market segment
and the expansion to wholesale, it was essential to expand the project management and customer service
. A team of competent employees is available to you at any time by telephone or
by e-mail.

... with our own sewing and production studio ...

A new foundation stone was laid with the opening of our sewing studio. The demand for
our products continued to grow. Today, we work in our workshop in Berlin with
cutters, decorators and tailors with many years of experience.
They can produce and customize
yard goods and individual wishes for you at any time under the best technical and professional conditions.
Our daily business includes backdrops, theater curtains,
acoustic curtains, studio displays and photo backdrops. The film industry also quickly became
aware of our capabilities and asked us for special products to meet their needs.
This combined with the ever increasing challenges and a large number of
conversations with people who deal with this equipment on a daily basis, we wanted more.
Our aim is to improve existing solutions on the market or to design completely new
solutions. This is how our production of floppies, cutters & flags with our own metal frame
production and covering at the highest level came about. We also produce sandbags, various
bags and coverings for lighting purposes.

... and store in the heart of Berlin.

In addition to our workshop and large warehouse in Berlin-Tempelhof, we now also have a store of approx. 500m² at
where you can buy most of our
product range directly and immediately. Our showroom allows you to see and touch our products
. We can also realize quick production by arrangement
within a very short time on site in our sewing workshop.