Classic 1,100g/m² greenbox pleated tape 3m wide

Classic 1,100g/m² greenbox pleated tape 3m wide

Classic 1,100g/m² greenbox pleated tape 3m wide

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Klassic acoustic curtain 1,100g/m² pleated tape 3m wide

This classic product has sound-absorbing properties and is therefore used to optimize room acoustics.

Our 3-ply process is often used for home cinemas and studios, but also for absorbing unwanted noise at doors or stairwells.

We offer a choice of eyelets or pleated tape for attaching the curtain.


  • 3 layers
  • Front: anthracite
  • 58% attenuation
  • Attenuation of 11DB at 250-3000Hz
  • roughened on both sides
  • flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1
  • not washable
  • opaque


Top edge: stage tape 50mm wide

Side edges: narrowly hemmed

Bottom edge: kept open (but edges hemmed)

The dimensions are approximate minus the amount required for making up.

The curtain is only made to measure when ordered and is therefore excluded from exchange.


2 layers of stage molton 300g/m², 100% cotton, weight: 300g/m²

1 layer of Kalmuck 500g/m², 100% cotton, weight: 500g/m²

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